NYblk Culture – Raymond Carver – Feathers

NYblk - Culture - Raymond Carver - Feathers

NYblk – Culture – Raymond Carver – Feathers

Raymond Carver

“Why do we need other people? She seemed to be saying.”

I found the work of Raymond Carver recently while listening to the Selected Shorts podcast.   I really love the way the story was introduced. Robert Sean Leonard reads, “Raymond Carver influenced a generation of writers with his spare deceptively simple stories of ordinary people at confounding moments in their lives.” In the story Feathers, we find a man and a woman in love; blissfully ignorant before their lives are changed by a chance dinner with friends. The action in the story seems banal, comically so. The climax is so subtle that it’s almost imperceptible, yet the narrator of the story can remember that moment years after. Truth, as moments in life, barely there when they happen, can seemingly dictate our trajectory years later.

“I didn’t know what to say to this, and neither did Fran, but I knew she’d have plenty to say about it later.”

Please find a link to the full text of Feathers here.

Also, if you’d prefer to listen to it read by Robert Sean Leonard for Selected Shorts, please click here.

by Stephen Wilson

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