NYblk Radio – Mary Chin – Podcast Episode 6

NYblk Radio

NYblk Radio

I had such a good time talking with this week’s guest for NYblk Radio, Mary Chin. Mary is a native New Yorker and fashion designer, currently working with Alexander Wang. She has also worked with Ralph Lauren, and done consulting for Nike. Her focus is on knitwear. When Mary starts geeking out over the technical terms and the innovative techniques of her craft, it is crystal clear just how specialized she is. We touch on researching stitch techniques in sex shops in Chelsea, The Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2015 fashion show and after party, working with her mentor Caroline McKenty, and the differences between office cultures where people are busy and inspired by each other and those that are monotonous and built on hierarchies. Sit back and strap on your seat belts. You’re in for a ride with this one.

“The things that I am inspired by I’m sure are incredibly nerdy.”

“There is a huge disparity between someone who’s a good designer, and someone who’s a creative director.”

Mary’s Music Selection:  Glass Animals – Gooey




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