NYblk Radio – Nekole Kemelle – Podcast Episode 8

NYblk Radio

NYblk Radio

In this week’s episode of NYblk Radio, I travel to Bushwick, Brooklyn. That’s where I find former model turned self-portrait artist and reputable men’s fashion photographer, Nekole Kemelle, before she runs to meetings with model bookers at New York’s top men’s agency, VNY. Of course we had Roberta’s Pizza, while she opens up about her transition from being a model in front of the lens to being a photographer behind it. She also tells us about living in a treehouse inside the old Thrasher Magazine warehouse, where she built her first photo studio. Her story is light hearted and entertaining, but she has some wisdom for us too. Take a listen, and enjoy.

“Once you cross over, you realize how a lot of people kind of separate themselves from models… So, if you go from being someone who’s considered to have absolutely no skills, except for being pretty, and then you cross over to somebody who’s supposed to be respected for … their craft, It’s like you really have to prove it.” 

Nekole Kemelle
Ophelia Olive
Boys In New York

Nekole’s music choice: Blockhead – Tools of the Industry



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