NYblk Radio – Stephanie Murphy – Podcast Episode 7

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NYblk Radio


In this week’s episode of NYblk Radio, we catch up with model Stephanie Murphy while she was literally in the middle of her first New York Fashion Week. She was gracious enough to speak candidly about the difficulties of living in a model house and the trials of maintaining model weight. The episode is not a complete bummer. She also reveals just how stoked she was on the city and it’s energy, and all the inspiring people she met this summer. In addition I find out what it means to be a banana and an egg, and Stephanie briefly discusses growing up with a father who is a dolphin and seal trainer. Check it out. This is an episode full of articulated insight into a world that few of us are ever invited into.

 “It’s general disinterest, and also a worry, because you never know who’s coming into the house.”

“It’s other people’s lives that we are invited into, as opposed to our own.”

“…We all want to be Kate Moss.”

Stephanie’s Music Choice: Tame Impala – Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?




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